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Organising your belongings for moving in day

Moving day can be incredibly stressful. You might have spent hours and hours packing all your belongings ready for the Removal Company Cheltenham way, such as Bright Move Services to come in and take them, along with your furniture, over to your new home. Once there you then have to sort through all the boxes to find the items that you need immediately.

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There are some ways that you can be more organised about your moving boxes to help remove some of the stress on the day. Especially as completion day doesn’t always run smoothly and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the keys to your new home first thing in the morning.

One good tip for ensuring that you are not left struggling to find the items that you need as soon as you move in, is to write the name of the room that the items belong in. This means that the removal firm will be able to take the boxes directly to the rooms ready for you to unpack when you get time.

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Another tip is to keep some emergency items such as a change of clothes and items that you need first thing in the morning and have them in a separate box that you take with you in your car. This way if your move in time is later on in the day you will have all the things you need for a good night’s sleep, ready to tackle the boxes in the morning.

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