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Why your boiler is making strange noises

Home boilers for the most part sit in the corner of the room, perhaps your kitchen and quietly hum away to themselves when they ignite to keep your home warm or to provide you with hot water. It is for this reason that it can be incredibly disturbing if you notice that your boiler is starting to make strange noises.

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There are lots of reasons that your boiler could be making unusual noises and these can range from everything from a whistle through to a loud banging. Whatever the underlying reason turns out to be it is important that you use a reputable, reliable Boiler Servicing Belfast company such as Belfast Gas to repair any problems and to come in and give your boiler an annual service.

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The annual service is a time when the engineer can have a good look at your boiler and ensure that it is working correctly, effectively and safely. It also gives them an opportunity to check for any damage, rust and corrosion as well as any leaks or valves that might not be working correctly.

Noises can be a result of high pressure in your heating system as well as leaks and valves that are sticking or not opening correctly. All of these issues require a specialist engineer to come in, analyse the problem and work out how best to fix it. In some cases this may mean replacing parts or even the entire boiler.

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