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When to change the tires of the car

The proper maintenance of your car is essential to maintain the safety of all passengers and ensure that everything is in perfect condition. One of the main items that you need to check regularly is the tires.

Over time, the tires of the cars wear out and lose their grip, which can cause you an accident. To avoid this, you must change them in time and acquire new ones.

In this article from esscnyc, we explain to you when to change the tires of the car and the points you need to monitor.

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carTires in poor condition are one of the main causes of car accidents. If you do not want this to happen to you, you should check the condition of your tires frequently and change them if necessary.

To know when to change the tires of your car, you need to look at the tire design. The design is the engraved frieze that allows them to have more or less grip on the road.

carA tire in good condition must have the design perfectly defined and marked, and it must have the correct depth. The ideal tire depth of the car is between 8 and 8.5 mm. Tires that have a design with a depth of 4 mm are at half their useful life, tires under 2 mm must be changed as a matter of urgency.

How to measure the depth of the tire design? You can do it with a depth gauge or with a much simpler tool than everyone always has on you, a coin.

carTo do this, take a coin of 1 dollar  , insert it in the design of the tire and if the gold circle is completely covered by the rubber, the wheel is in perfect condition; If on the contrary, it seems a little, it means that the tire begins to be worn, if the gold circle sees much, you must change your tires immediately.

You must check the condition of your car’s tires on the sides of the wheel bearing part, not the center, as this is the part responsible for the grip in the turns. The side of the bearing has a more rounded shape than the center, which is why it wears more quickly.

There is no definite life span for a car’s tires; it mainly depends on the brand of tires and the use of the car. However, there are general rules. When your tires are over 5 years old, you should check them at least once a year as they may begin to show wear and tear and may need to be changed quickly. If your tires are older than 10 years, change them as you have probably exceeded the legal limit of wear, which is 1.6 mm deep.

carWear from time or excessive use is not the only reason to change the tires of your car. If the tires are damaged, punctured, and defective, rubber has strange folds or hernias on the side, rough texture or abnormal irregular wear, you must go to your mechanic to check and change them for tires in perfect conditions. Caring for your car’s tires is essential to keep them running smoothly.

Do not forget that the General Vehicle Regulations stipulate that tires must be changed in pairs, ie you can not change a single tire, you must also change your partner. Thus, if a front tire is damaged or worn, you must change both front tires, same for the rear.

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