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How to prune your shrubs ready for Spring

As the January month starts to fade away it’s time to start thinking about all the jobs we’ll have to do in the garden come spring. Keeping a well-maintained garden starts with these springtime tasks and one of the most important is pruning. Shrubs that flower, like Red Robins, for example, will need to be trimmed back otherwise they will start to overgrow the garden. It’s a lot to clean up and trailers with some decent Trailer Parts like those from are vital to keeping everything clear.

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Plants that shed their leaves are called deciduous. Once they’ve worked through their flowering phase they need to be pruned back. You need to take a good look at the plant to see which branches are looking old and tired. These need to be removed as a priority because there will be no new growth from these limbs. If your shrubs are showing signs of buds then they should be left in place to develop. This is especially true if the plants produce flowers.

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During the months the shrubs, trees and plants are generally sleeping and building up their growing reserves for that very welcome spring warmth. You can’t just hack away at your plants, there needs to be a measured amount of pruning to ensure good new growth. The one thing to remember is the more you cut back, the dense the plant will look to recover from March the 20th onwards.

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