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Importance of teaching teenagers online safety

There are many important aspects of parenting and keeping our children safe is one of them. We can teach them about road safety and the dangers of talking to strangers, or taking drugs, but how many of us actually have a conversation about them keeping themselves safe online.

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With social media now acting as a form of entertainment and more and more people using YouTube to watch their favourite YouTubers, it has never been so important that our teenagers and children know how to be safe online.

There are many ways that you can promote this kind of safety and you can even speak with a Vodafone Store Near Me like King Communication to ask about any blocks that can be placed on the phones or screening apps that can be used to help keep them safe.

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When using social media accounts it is important that you check what the minimum age limit is, and to show your children how to set their privacy settings to ensure that only their chosen contacts can see their information and their posts. This is particularly important as some platforms default to the public settings.

Next, you can talk to your children about being careful of what information they share online and this includes not sharing their home address or telephone number or pictures of their front door or themselves in their school uniform.

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