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A guide to new floor installation in Vancouver

So you are planning for a new floor installation. This is part of your home renovation. You have made a selection of what you want for your floor and you are waiting for the installation people to arrive.  Choosing a floor installation in Vancouver may need a little more thinking and one important factor contributing to this is the climate here.

Vancouver is a city that is close to the sea. The weather around this area is mostly rainy. It rains almost every single day of every year, although the sunny months are usually dry and could cause a short-term drought situation.

Now, because it is wet through most part of the year, this would mean wet shoes walking in and out of the house. Thus, for your flooring you might want to consider tile.  Also, floor installations in Vancouver have been chosen for their easiness in mopping and their resilience. This is because, houses, here can be seen with a lot of dirty puddles. The options thus in tile flooring could be ceramic or stone since they can be cleaned by just a damp sponge.  Some of the stone flooring can even be preserved and made rain resistant.   Thus, this kind of flooring is even suitable for bathrooms.


However, tile floor installations in Vancouver could also mean living in a very cold house. While air conditioners and warm fire places could be a solution for this, these wouldn’t really save costs and the floors would still be cold and uncomfortable and dependent on these accessories. The solution then would be to find floor installations that are warmer, and wood is an excellent choice for that, hard wood to be more precise. In fact, with the increase in condos in areas around Yaletown and Coal Harbour , hard wood flooring companies in Vancouver have been quite in demand, this doesn’t mean they are not suitable for modest homes also. Hard wood floorings are simple to install, they re lasting and what is more they are warm and come in various colours.

If you are someone who experiments with floors and are also environment conscious you have to try the cork flooring. They look stylish, they are warm, they have numerous design possibilities, they are durable and they are eco-friendly.

Although not as much in Torronto, weather in Vancouver can get humid. This would mean the growth of moulds and germs. Cork being a natural produce does not allows for dust, germs and moulds to settle. In addition it is also recyclable, extremely easy to install and along with its before mentioned qualities it also is soft to the feet. Unlike other flooring, cork provides a natural cushioning to your floors making it quite comfortable to stand on them for a long time.

On the other hand, while maintaining these floors isn’t a task, one has to be careful of heavy furniture. Owning to its cushiony property extreme weighty furniture can result in dents. For more reviews visit

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