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Five ways to impress visitors to your office

Business meetings with clients often take place on site and it’s essential to make a good first impression. Stepping over the threshold, the client will want to be greeted warmly by a receptionist with a friendly, welcoming smile.

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The first impression will speak volumes about the business owner and the employees. Time can be wasted travelling to meetings at out of town restaurants and hotels, so more directors are holding their meetings on site. Retaining clients is key to the success of a business, and with competition among firms rising, it’s more important than ever to treat visitors with the utmost of respect.

A receptionist is the first point of contact, so he or she should be experienced and friendly. The receptionist should possess sound communication skills and he or she should be able to multi-task, while maintaining a cool composure.

Poor standards are off-putting for visitors

A dirty, dusty and untidy workplace with poor hygiene standards will be off-putting for clients. The office environment should be clean at all times, and action should be taken to ensure that dangerous germs and bacteria are eliminated. If you need office cleaning in Cheltenham, for example, Into Cleaning ( would be a good choice and hiring a firm such as this is the perfect solution to ensure that standards are high.

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Keep signage clean

According to Essex Live, one personality with high standards is viral sensation, Mrs Hinch, who has a list of top tips and products to use. Don’t forget that appropriate signage and logos should be clearly displayed to create a professional looking setting. Any exterior signs should be well maintained and visible, to let your clients know that they are at the correct place.

An office recreation space will also create a talking point for visiting clients. It shows your clients that your business cares about its employees. This space could be used for lunchtime games or leisurely relaxation.

A self-service water or refreshment machine incorporating light snacks should be visible. Coffee machines, in particular, are a popular choice, as most adults enjoy a hot beverage on arrival at an appointment.

There are so many ways to impress clients, from the first meet and greet to the overall experience provided. Keeping your clients happy and content is the overall goal to retain valuable business.

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