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How Parkinson’s can affect your mobility

Parkinson’s is a degenerative condition that, over time, will cause more issues for the individual who has been diagnosed with the disease. There are lots of treatments available today that can help to prevent the symptoms from progressing too quickly, and many people, such as Michael J Fox, have lived [...]

The Importance of Sanitation in Healthcare

The role of healthcare in ensuring good sanitation is critical. Without proper sanitation, people can be at risk of contracting diseases. Fortunately, sanitation professionals work to improve hygiene and reduce infections and disease in healthcare settings. This can also contribute to economic and social development. The health sector plays a [...]

What is Epilepsy?

There are many different types of seizures, but in general, epilepsy is classified by the type of seizure it causes and the area of the brain it affects. This disease tends to run in families, and can even be inherited. Certain genes may be associated with a higher risk for [...]

How to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

Proper lighting is crucial to preventing falls, especially among the elderly. If there is no adequate lighting in an area, try installing brighter bulbs in hallways and stairways. Use night-lights in the bathroom and bedroom and consider clearing away any obstacles that might lie in hallways or at the top [...]