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Injuries That Can Happen on a Construction Site

While working on a construction site, you have many risks of getting injured. You are at risk of being hit by machinery or vehicles. There is also the risk of getting caught between machinery and debris. Exposure to hazardous chemicals is also a serious risk. This can lead to respiratory illnesses. When you work on a construction site, you need to be alert and be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything that looks dangerous, immediately report it to your site manager.

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One of the most common accidents on a construction site is a fall. When a construction worker is working on scaffolding, the fall could be traumatic. This is especially dangerous if the worker is near electricity cables or in bad weather. Electrical wires and power lines are a significant danger on a construction site. An exposed wire or power line can cause an explosion or electrocution. In addition to causing a fall, electrocution can also lead to serious burns and seizures. Electricity can also cause fires or explosions. Find out how First Aid at work Tewkesbury can help educate workers, contact

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A common injury at a construction site is a dislocation. This can occur to the shoulder, elbow, or finger. A dislocation can require surgery or a period of rest. The costs of medical treatment and lost wages from a construction site are extremely high. This is why it is so important to ensure everyone on site is trained in safety and first aid.

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