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How Parkinson’s can affect your mobility

Parkinson’s is a degenerative condition that, over time, will cause more issues for the individual who has been diagnosed with the disease. There are lots of treatments available today that can help to prevent the symptoms from progressing too quickly, and many people, such as Michael J Fox, have lived for many years with the condition. There is no known cure, but many research foundations are looking for new and innovative ways they can support individuals with Parkinson’s.

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One area that can be affected by Parkinson’s is that of mobility, and many people will need the support of Walking Aids, like those from at some point. These aids will help with posture and also support the individual to remain as active as possible.

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The main reason that people with Parkinson’s can find it difficult are due to the neurological changes that take place. Some of the issues that can be experienced include:

  • Difficulty regulating the speed of movements. They can either appear as too fast or too slow.
  • Problems controlling muscles
  • Difficulty starting and stopping movements with the muscles appearing to move of their own free will.
  • Problems with posture and difficulty with maintaining postures during movements, especially when walking
  • Difficulty changing direction when moving
  • Shuffling and difficulty in picking the feet up to walk and to climb stairs
  • Increased risk of slips, trips and falls
  • Lack of stamina and endurance when walking

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