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Things to Consider When Travelling in a Wheelchair

There are several things to consider when travelling in a wheelchair. If you need to take a taxi or rideshare, it is best to order a wheelchair accessible vehicle to ensure that the vehicle will accommodate the chair. Public transport can be a huge challenge for wheelchair users, as with trains you are dependent on someone lowering a ramp for you. For many people, enjoying their independence means having their own form of transport. For more details on the benefits of WAV Vehicles, visit a company like

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If you’re travelling abroad, make sure you check in at the disability services counter. It may be necessary to use a different route to access the plane ahead of other passengers. It is wise to check with the airline ahead of booking for information about dimensions, policies and flight specifications for travelling with a wheelchair. If you are checking in your personal wheelchair as luggage, remember to detach any loose components to prevent damage in transit.

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You’ll want to bring a note on your wheelchair explaining how to handle it without causing damage. You might wish to take with you additional pillows and a wheelchair cushion for use during the flight. If you’re going to be travelling for an extended period, it’s best to bring your regular medications and important medical documents. Remember to check in early -you’ll want to give yourself some extra time for dealing with any special assistance you require.

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