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7 Ballet exercises for stronger legs

  1. Calf extensions (1 or 2 sets of 20)
  2. Start with your chair on your left, feet spread at shoulder height and turned outward;
  3. Then get up and lower your tiptoes by contracting your abdominal muscles;
  4. Grasp the chair lightly if you need help to keep the balance.
  5. Tended

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The stretch begins in the first position (the feet facing outwards, the ankles touching).

  1. In balance on the left leg, spread your right foot outward in front of you;
  2. Touch the floor with your toes, then return to the first position;
  3. Do this four times forward, four times on the side and four times backward in all with each leg;
  4. Once you have mastered the tension in the first position, try it in the second position. To do this, simply move to the second position (similar to the first one, but with the feet spread about 30 cm);
  5. Once you have mastered the tense in first and second positions, add the third and fourth positions.
  6. Clear

The cleared is the stretched twice as fast.

  • With this exercise, you should raise your foot a little above the ground with the leg erect in front and pointed to the ground.
  1. Great Beat

Once you are comfortable with the tense and cleared, climb the level one notch with the big beat. This exercise relies even more on the basic scope. Here’s how :

  1. When you extend your foot, lift your leg up in the air from the hip;
  2. If for you sounds like a kick, it means you’re doing it right. After all, a big beat is basically just a big, but controlled kick;
  3. The goal here is flexibility – you should be able to reach an angle of at least 90 degrees.
  4. Folded squats (1 or 2 sets of 20)

A folded is a flexion of the knee while keeping the bust straight and in the vertical axis. This exercise really does work your thighs.

  1. In the second position, stand on tiptoe;
  2. Stay in this position for two seconds, perform a very deep fold until practicing a true squat;
  3. Reassemble and repeat, while remaining on the points of the feet throughout the exercise;
  4. Again, use a chair to keep balance and keep your abdominals contracted.
  5. Cross back lunges (20 repetitions on each side)
  6. In balance on the left leg, bring your right leg backward by lowering in folded;
  7. Your right leg should be folded with your toes pointing to your left;
  8. When you stand up, keep your leg high while you straighten it and lay it behind you;
  9. Repeat this 20 times, then change sides.
  10. Exercises for the kick

This exercise forms the whole group of muscles on which ballerinas must rely for balance and support.

  1. Pick up a towel and place it on the floor, then place one foot flat on its surface;
  2. Use your toes to wrinkle the towel as much as you can, over and over again;
  3. Change feet and repeat.

Mastering these exercises is a process that can take time. But persevere and you will see results! If these exercises seem too easy, eliminate the chair and instead lift weights with your hands during exercise.

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