11 Tips for Healthier Skin

As they say, beauty is superficial. The importance of the skin, however, has much deeper roots. Here are some tips to help you protect your skin and keep it well-nourished and hydrated.

1. An extension of your face

Treat your neck and chest as an extension of your face.

Your neck and the upper part of your chest is covered with a very sensitive skin, which makes it a place conducive to the first signs of aging, such as drought.

To keep this place young:

  • Use facial cleansing creams that moisturize and gently cleanse rather than deodorant soaps that may dry out.
  • Top with a good moisturizer for the face.
  • If this area is very dry, use a face moisturizer twice a month.


2. Use a moisturizer

Switch from a deodorant soap to a more moisturizing product.

Deodorant soaps can be irritating, while products specially designed to moisturize your skin will leave a greasy but beneficial film on it.

Healthier Skin3. Aim for simplicity

Aim for simplicity in your choice of beauty products, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Stay away from colored or perfumed products, which produce bubbles or whose label says “antibacterial”.

4. Your hands and feet

To keep your hands and feet young and soft, apply large amounts of moisturizer, and then slip on fine cloth socks and gloves while you sleep.

5. Herbal Toner

Tone your skin with a combination of sage, peppermint and witch hazel.

Sage helps control sebum secretion.

  • The peppermint creates a pleasant tingling.
  • Witch hazel helps to restore the protective layer of the skin.
  • Mix 100 grams of witch hazel and a teaspoon of sage and peppermint leaves, and let infuse 1 to 3 days before applying the mixture on your skin.

Healthier Skin6. A horsehair glove

Use a horsehair glove every day to prevent ingrown hairs and to keep dry skin under control. While you are in the shower, gently rub the dented or scaly skin with a circular motion to remove dead skin cells.

7. Vitamin C

Start the day with a glass of orange juice to help build collagen. Better yet, eat a full orange. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, essential for making collagen, which helps keep the skin smooth and youthful.

Other foods rich in vitamin C include guava, kiwis, and red peppers.

8. Take a multivitamin every day

Many nutrients are essential to healthy skin, including vitamins A, B and C. The most reliable way to get them is to eat healthily, as well as to take a daily supplement.

Healthier Skin9. Prevent interring

Use unscented baby powder to keep areas where the skin meets the skin – inside the thighs, underarms, under the breasts – clean and dry.

This prevents interring, a skin irritation that occurs when these areas remain wet, causing the growth of bacteria or fungi.

10. A day in the sun?

If you are preparing for a day in the sun, avoid perfumed lotions and perfumes. Scented products can create stains on the skin when exposed to the sun.

Healthier Skin11. Protect your skin from the sun

Protect your skin from the sun throughout the year with a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

The presence of snow on the ground does not indicate that your skin is protected from the sun.

The weather outside is time well invested, but make sure your skin is well covered or protected with sunscreen.

The sun is at its most dangerous between 11 am and 4 pm.

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