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The life of Daphne Moon

Daphne Moon is one of the beloved characters of the series Frasier. She is the home care assistant that is employed to look after Fraiser’s dad, Martin. If she was real, as opposed to fictional, you can be sure she would have applied for Live in Care Gloucester jobs like those from as she has some incredible skills.

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Born in Manchester, England, Daphne moves over to Seattle to make a life for herself. We soon find out that this is a welcome escape for her from her family of brothers, her alcoholic father and her nagging mother. She is a physical therapist who helps Martin with his exercises following being shot in the hip, whilst working as a police officer.

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As well as having an incredibly caring nature, Daphne is also a little quirky – she thinks she has premonitions about things that are going to happen in the future. As the series progresses we get to see lots of little instances where she thinks she can tell Frasier things that are going to happen. With Fraiser and his brother Niles being psychiatrists this is a recipe for hilarity.

Daphne is a character that really blossoms throughout the series and it is not long before Niles falls madly in love with her and we get to see the relationship between these two bloom into something beautiful. Daphne is certainly an improvement on Niles’s previous wife, Maris.

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