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What different working patterns are there for businesses

Depending on what work your business provides, you might need to be offering work hours that are not your standard 9-5 operations. These tend to be for those jobs in the medical and industrial sectors as well as in call centres and customer services roles. It is important that you pick the shift patterns that best reflect when your customers and clients need to access your service and support from your employees. Also, you may be interested to read about, the United States census 1920.


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Standard hours – these tend to be those shift patterns that work around the 9-5 hours. These could of course be part-time hours or full time, depending on what your business needs and the individual needs of your employees.


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Nights – these shifts often start from 9 pm in the evening and carry on through the night. These workers sometimes need to feel reassured by additional levels of security such as those offered by a CCTV Gloucester company

Split shifts – this is the kind of work that is often undertaken in the medical field and will see staff members working so many days of nights and then working a shift of standard hours, with a dedicated number of days off in between. These can also be common patterns for those working in manufacturing.

Whatever shift patterns you have in your business, make sure that you offer the same benefits and progression and training opportunities to all of your staff.

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