The medical dramas we love to watch

Medical dramas are programs that often divide people into those who love to watch them and those who tend to find they make them squeamish. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, there is no denying that they are incredibly popular. Over the years there have been some incredibly successful fictional medical dramas and these include:

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The British medical drama first appeared on our screens back on 6th September 1986 and as such has been the longest-running medical drama across the globe. It follows the personal and professional lives of the many medical staff that work in the hospital. The storylines often show disasters that have happened across the fictional location.


This American medical drama was first aired on 19th September 1994 and ran until 2009, with a total of 331 episodes being filmed. The stories centred around the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago. Again the show focused not only on their professional lives but their personal lives as well, including their love lives and friendships.

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In a change from the two shows mentioned above, Scrubs is a medical comedy-drama that first appeared on 2nd October 2001 and ended on 17th March 2010. It showed the lives of the medical students and professionals in the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital and the comedy situations that arose along the way. You can be sure that this hospital would need Locum Insurance like that from Howden Group with some of the antics the doctors get up to!

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