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‘Black Mirror’ and fascinating dystopias

It has become ‘Black Mirror’ to rejoice (and fret) weekend. From today is available on Netflix the first batch of episodes of the third season, larger than the previous two. If he has benefited chain change is an issue that will be evaluated at the end; today I have seen the first episode, ‘Nosedive’ and I can say that the level remains essentially.

The series, created by Charlie Brooker in 2011, consists of separate stories that deal with the effects of technology in our society, but uses environments and elements of science fiction to expand its narrative possibilities and create striking situations that trigger our imagination. It has a dark and pessimistic, dystopian tone, though full of humor (black) and a ray of hope.

Black mirror
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Most chapters take place in close and indeterminate future that, at first glance, seem to portray different paths that humanity can go if too dependent on the technology or it develops uncontrollably, without thinking about its dangers. It should engage and entertain with that facet of ‘Black Mirror’ but the key is that it uses fantasy to talk about our present.

Although the stories focus on futuristic electronic devices that meet the needs and objectives are comparable to those we have today, and social relations that derive from them as well. This is the most interesting of the series, the presentation of characters and conflicts that can identify.

To achieve this, the series is based on details of our daily lives, in signs that something is wrong; situations that, seen from outside, take on disturbing dimensions. And it explodes to go further. For example, the picture that heads this article, with various characters focused on their mobile phones, without interaction between them. Sure you have lived. And it is very possible that you’ve been one of those characters.

Not only that everyone is more aware of the social networks that people who have around you, the Internet interaction can be more important than real, but each is isolated in your smartphone . A true sociopath can be very popular on Twitter.Socialize has changed its meaning . Like so many other things. Now, we are we more happy or unhappy? Are we really progressing as a society?

The series raises such questions. Questions our way of life and what we seek. It generates reflection. Conversation, debate. And I think everyone experiences it in their own way, you can draw different conclusions, depending on your personal viewpoint. There are multiple readings in each episode. But it’s also a fun, aesthetically fascinating series with performances of high level; very complete. Ithas most inspired, imaginative and shocking stories that most fantasy genre films that are made today.

The first chapter of the new season has left a bittersweet taste, has not captivated me as much as others (I think my favorite is still ‘The Entire History Of You’), but helpless a relevant fact, criticism is blunt, Bryce Dallas Howard is splendid and there harrowing sections, authentic nightmare. Maybe not 100% but fulfills its purpose, and retains the level of demand and quality of the series.

Now we have so many entertainment options, many windows, so many movies and series at our disposal, we are forced to choose, to select, to accept the sad truth: no time for everything we want or recommend us see. ‘Black Mirror’ it is something special. Worth our time. And not for fans of science fiction, much less. It is for anyone who wants stories with different and surprising approaches, which do not leave indifferent.

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