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Monopoly Movie a Series of Unfortunate Events

As per tradition, every year on Digital art a game of society is published in February. In this case, it is the second game published so far. The first published monopoly movie was that of Harry Potter, which until now has received enormous success. In fact, the total downloads have been more than 1200, and I am sure that they will continue to increase.

So I decided to work on another Monopoly inspired by “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Unlike the first Monopoly that was conceived by an English author and published in Italian on Digitalart, this is completely original. Here, we will not provide download link but shortly describe about it. Keep reading: Singing tips for sing better.

The monopoly movie

monopoly movie

The Monopoly by now everybody knows it; it’s a game of society created by the Parker Brothers in 1935. The game aims to become the Monopolist, and therefore the richest player.

Digitalart is the first ever blog that has released so far the Monopoly of Una Serie di Sfortunati Eventi, but it is, in general, the first blog that always releases the project files so everyone can edit my works.

Do you feel lucky?

Personally, the saga of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is the one I most appreciate among those read so far. The saga was conceived by Lemony Snicket (pseudonym of Daniel Handler) and is composed of 13 novels. In the following years, when the saga ended, further novels have released that act as spin-offs. The spin-off (for those who do not know it) is a story in itself set in the same universe of the original saga, but with different characters.

A series of unfortunate events tells the story of the Baudelaire orphans, who are forced to escape from the clutches of Count Olaf who wants to get hold of their great wealth.

The main characters of the saga are the following:

Count Olaf: Arcinemico of the Baudelaires interested in their great wealth.

Violet: It is the biggest sister of the Baudelaires, and has an inventive mind.

Klaus: The middle brother and he is a great reader.

Sunny: She’s the smallest of the Baudelaires, and she likes to nibble things.

monopoly movie

In 2004 a film adaptation came out, with an actor that I’m sure you know very well: Jim Carrey, who has fallen into the role of Count Olaf.

In January 2017 instead, Netflix released the first season of the television series, which is currently still in progress and will have a second season out in 2018.

Structure of the Monopoly movie

This version of the Monopoly contains the “journey” of the Baudelaires told in the novels. In particular, each box will be in the sequential order of their history, and each box will have a symbol that will characterize the book or that particular moment lived by the Baudelaires.

monopoly movie

The graphics were designed with the subtle smoke left by fire as a background. In fact, fires are the element that characterizes the saga. It is no coincidence that history opens up precisely with the destroyed Baudelaire residence, an announcement made by Mr. Poe. Want to get married? Check this:

At the edges of the game board, you can find a very characteristic effect of the fire: that thick and dark smoke. The bridge is therefore designed precisely to recreate the fires that are part of the saga. At the center of the game board you can find the Monopoly logo wrapped in a cloud of smoke, and above it, we find the main characters in the story.

In the monopoly movie logo, there are also subliminal messages, also these characterizing part of the saga. I had fun in fact to recreate everything related to the atmosphere of the saga; it is up to you to find them and be amazed to discover that every element of the game matches perfectly with what was written by Lemony Snicket.

There are obviously cards inherent to the properties, also characterized by a rough and whitish background left by the fire. We also find the “Probability” and “Unexpected” cards.

I also added the game instructions “Lemony Snicket,” who read the saga will understand what I’m talking about. There are 6 pages of instructions, which become 3 if printed on the front and the back of each sheet.

Money is also included in this monopoly movie. Each banknote is recreated in every detail and has key elements of the saga.

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