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What is marketing? Definition and Explanation

Short animated explanation that answers the question: What is marketing?

Definition: A set of techniques used for product distribution, to satisfy their desires, demands and purchasing power. It includes the planning, organization, direction and verification of the decisions on the lines, products, prices, a promotion and the post-band services.

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Marketing, in the strict sense, is the set of techniques and methods for the development of sales through four possibilities: price, product, communication, and distribution. In a broad sense, it is the design of company policy, in which sales development plays a predominant role.

In the English market means “market”, so marketing can be understood as the calculation of marketing or market use. Marketing studies the causes and mechanisms governing the terms of trade (goods, services or ideas) and want the result of a relationship is a transaction (sale) satisfactory to all parties involved in the process.

However, marketing means more than selling !!, Because the sale is a one-way process. Marketing is a two-way process. The sale is based on short-term stock. Marketing is a medium and long-term activity. The ultimate goal is to ensure you get the most benefit. In marketing, advanced knowledge about market research and opinion surveys is applied.


Marketing is a philosophy, a mindset, an attitude, a way of conceiving the terms of trade. It is also a technique: a specific way of carrying out a changing relationship (ie identifying, designing, developing and serving demand). Marketing plans to maximize consumption, consumer satisfaction, variety and quality of life.

Marketing has a very wide area of operations, with specific concepts directed to each related activity, for example, cultural marketing, political marketing, relational marketing, social marketing, among others. The seller work begins long before the manufacture of the product and continues long after its sale. He is a market researcher, a psychologist, a sociologist, an economist, a communicator, a lawyer, assembled in one person.

In Business Administration, Marketing is a set of activities that involve the process of creating, planning and developing products or services that meet consumer needs, and communication and sales strategies that outperform the competition.

According to Philip Kilter, marketing is also a social process in which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others.


The concept of value can be defined as all the benefits generated by the customer due to the sacrifice made when buying a product or service. Offer or add value is a concept directly related to customer satisfaction, one of the main marketing objectives. The marketing concept states that the most important task now is to determine what the needs and desires of the consumers are and try to adapt the company to provide the satisfaction of those desires.

With the reach of the Internet and the explosion of social networks, the concept of marketing 3.0 emerged in which companies seek a rapprochement with consumers and potential customers, following their opinions on the services or products offered by the company. Digital marketing is an approach that uses the Internet and other digital media as an instrument to achieve its objectives.

In this way, consumers play a key role in creating new products and services tailored to the real needs of the market.

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