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Undertakes New Year’s Purpose

Perhaps you are thinking that it is a good time to start the business that has been around your head. Perhaps by imagining it, you have customers in mind, the place where you will be, and the satisfactions you will receive. Make sure that those thoughts are also fiscal formality, which could generate several benefits.

What options do you have?Undertakes

There are myths about what tax compliance means, but maybe this can be an opportunity for you and for the development of your business since you not only pay taxes, but you can grow it by looking for government or private supports that push Your business, and develop you as an entrepreneur. And for that, it is necessary to be discharged in the Treasury, as it is commonly said.

For example, the Government of the Republic has a program called, which is intended for those who have a business and are in the informal sector, obtain benefits when paying taxes, such as access to health and social security services, insurance Low-cost living for your family and workers; Also credits to buy a house; Economic support to acquire basic technology and credits to grow or modernize the business; In addition, reduction in the payment of taxes, as well as that the workers obtain credits for the purchase of consumer goods.

The benefits that you can have are:Undertakes

  1. Access to IMSS medical and social services for the business owner, employees, and families. Discounts on social security contributions for 10 years. In the first two, they only pay half of these quotas.
  2. Life Insurance Let’s Grow Together. It is a low-cost insurance that protects your family financially in case you fail.
  3. Pension for retirement. Like the workers affiliated to the IMSS, you can benefit by automatically entering the Retirement Savings System, which gives you greater peace of mind for the future.
  4. Housing credits. With only eight months to contribute to Infiniti and with a program of the Sociedad Hypothecaries Federal, you can apply for a mortgage loan with the low-interest rate. Both employers and employees can enjoy the benefit.
  5. Discounts on the payment of Income Tax (ISR) for 10 years. In the first year, a discount of 100% is granted in the payment of the ISR, in the second year is 90% and so on until reaching the 10 years.
  6. Economic support. Through the National Institute of the Entrepreneur.
  7. Credits for businesses and their employees. Businesses that join the formalities can receive a credit from commercial banks, at preferential rates. The workers of these businesses have consumer credit, through Infarct.
  1. Access to on-the-job training programs. Workers who decide to increase their specialization and productivity can now access the institutional training programs offered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Who can access this program?Undertakes

You must be an entrepreneur and have or want to put a store, stationery, or some business that provides a service, and your annual profits do not exceed two million pesos. In case you are in these conditions you can register in the Tax Incorporation Regime.


It is easy

What you need is:

Enrolling in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), is done through the internet on the page of the Tax Administration Service, with your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP). The RFC is a key that is integrated by 13 alphanumeric digits and serves to start your business and indicate that you are in the formality.

  • Obtain your password online, to make use of electronic services
  • Print your Fiscal Identification Card
  • You are part of the formality

What’s Next? Check inUndertakes

By operating your business, you can generate electronic invoices and request them when you offer or purchase a product or service.

Some advantages are:Undertakes

  • Charge with bank terminals
  • Access credits with better conditions
  • Being a provider of larger companies
  • Being able to offer additional services in your business

Also, getting invoices of the purchases you make for your business, allows you to deduct your income. This is useful for you to pay less tax when you make your statement.

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