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Which Vehicles Are Easy Targets For Thieves?

When thieves are planning their next heist, they keep in mind the popularity of the vehicles they want to steal. For example, the Ford F-Series continues to be the most commonly stolen car in the U.S., and there is a large aftermarket for parts which makes these cars very appealing. The lack of high-tech security measures, such as alarm systems, makes these cars easy targets for thieves. Fortunately, there are some ways to protect your car and avoid becoming the victim of a thief. One of these is the Ghost Car Alarm from

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One of the easiest vehicles to steal is an older van. Many thieves target vans because they are relatively easy to break into and may contain expensive workman’s tools or machinery. Likewise, the tailgates of trucks are easy to unlock, which can make them an easy target for theft. Besides that, thieves are looking for parts in these vehicles, and these parts can be easily stolen. Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedes vehicles are the most commonly stolen in the UK.

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Older cars are also easier to steal because they generally don’t have the latest anti-theft measures installed. Because of their vulnerability, thieves are more tempted to steal them. They lack modern security measures, making them prime targets for selling on for parts. Even newer cars are not safe from theft. While newer vehicles are more expensive than older ones, they are no less susceptible to break-ins and vandalism if not looked after properly. Whatever the make and age of your vehicle, take the proper precautions to prevent theft.

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