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5 Ways to Save on a Car Rental

Do not have your pockets empty the next time you rent a vehicle. Here are five tips to save when renting a car that you can easily apply.

Car Rental1. Beware of hidden fees

Eh, yes! There are all kinds of hidden fees related to rental.

  • The most expensive? When the rental company has to fill the gas tank. It charges much more per liter than if you did it yourself.
  • It adds a bunch of other fees like taxes, vehicle registration and other fees with sometimes-extravagant names. It is best to read the fine print on the company’s reservation page.

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Car Rental2. Do not rent at the airport

It is convenient. Yes. It is expensive. Oh yeah! Rental companies generally charge you the privilege of renting so close to the baggage claim area.

  • If you can, rent a car from your hotel. Some hotels even offer shuttles from the airport that allow you to save on taxi charges.

Car Rental3. Refuse unnecessary insurance

It is very possible that you do not need the extra insurance of the rental company, even if it gives you the impression that it is essential.

  • The best advice? Check your existing auto and home insurance. You should also call your credit card provider. Very often, using the card to pay for your rental automatically provides protection in the event of a collision.
  • However, if you rent out of your country of residence, you may not be covered. Be sure to notify your supplier.

Car Rental4. Book the smallest car offered

If you are traveling in North America, here is an expert advice: if your destination is a small establishment or a secondary airport, it is quite possible that the rental company does not have many compact cars on-site. Some days she could have none! This means that if you have booked one, the company is obliged to offer you a free upgrade.

  • Sometimes, you will move up to a category twice as high, at no extra cost. This is a risky tactic if you do not like small cars because the vehicle you are asked to be is likely to be there.
  • Of course, you can always move onto a higher category for a light supplement if it is worth it (and the cost).

Car Rental5. Book by the week

This is not to be understood, but booking a car for a week (even if parked in an aisle or parking) is generally cheaper than a daily rate on a short-term rental. Without laughing.

  • When you book online, try different combinations by selecting the dates of packing and returning. Unbelievably, it may be wiser to take the car on Thursday, even if you only need it on Friday.
  • Rental on Friday could be accompanied by a higher weekend rate. Better to avoid it if you can.

You can also apply these tips if you intend to rent other types of vehicle or boat.

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