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What is engagement?

In this life, and even more about our business, we should know that sometimes these terms are used by marketers, assuming that everyone knows their meaning.

As the engagement. Important for our marketing strategy but what this term refers? And how you can beneficiary your application?

The engagement is the extent to which a consumer interacts with our brand. This is the compromise between the brand and users / customers. How? Creating loyalty and motivation for our users to defend and part of the brand feel, and thus we refer new users.

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When we read brand we can also include:




The engagement is synonymous: the more we know about the user, can implement best tactics for that relationship becomes solid and durable. That is the purpose of any business.

How do you measure engagement?

  • With repetition of a purchase
  • Continued visits to a site
  • By measuring the bounce rate and time spent on a web
  • How long the user stays on the web
  • Comments in a post

How do we achieve a lasting engagement in time?

Building a relationship with the user where it is listen, observe, and there is a continuous conversation. The aim is to get him to look for us, appreciate the interaction and the special treatment they receive.

This relationship must be durable, genuine and stable.

Our mission is: seek and achieve an emotional attachment for its part concerning us (product, brand, service …)

In short, the engagement is that to which we all aspire; the user wants our product and we are faithful. Connect with our users should not be a utopia with all means at our disposal.

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