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The 5 negotiating new motorcycle purchase facts

Few things are more exciting for a biker than buying a new machine. Even if you are not passionate about the two wheels, I’m sure you’re also bitten by the worm before such an important acquisition. However, most will commit one of the 5 most negotiating new motorcycle purchase facts when buying a motorcycle, something that will take its toll.

One of the problems is that we believe we are very smart and capable of making rational decisions when in reality it is not always the case. When it is time to close the transaction it is very easy to fall into one of these failures when buying a motorcycle, such as not calculating motorcycle insurance, regardless of whether it is new or second hand. Keep reading: How to take care of your car?

Negotiating new motorcycle purchase facts

Buy the bike that has entered through your eyes

One of the phrases that we have heard the most in dealerships is: ” Give me a nice bike, which is sold alone”. Among the most common mistakes of bikers is buying your motorcycle almost exclusively by design. It is easy to fall in love at first sight but it is still easier to learn to identify when you are blinded.

The design is important. What’s more, you should never buy a motorcycle that you do not like and ideally, you’re passionate about it. Of course, that you not only the passion for design. There are many other characteristics that should have a specific weight in your decision.

Do not check if you can drive the motorcycle

Although it may sound weird, every week we have calls from customers with problems to hire their motorcycle insurance because they have bought a machine that they can not drive. It is a more common problem than it seems, especially among those who are new to the two-wheeled world or who have just taken out the A2 motorcycle license.

The most repeated error is to buy a motorbike limitable for the A2 card that cannot be piloted afterward, although there are also those that do not directly or fix on this because they get carried away by the first error.

In this same line, also avoid buying a motorcycle over your experience. It is another of the most repeated errors. If you are taking the leap from the car to the motorcycle there are 4 things that you should take into account.

Forget about motorcycle insurance, taxes or maintenance

The price of buying a motorcycle goes beyond what you pay the dealer or the owner of the machine. There are a number of additional expenses that you should consider, starting with the price of motorcycle insurance. There are big differences in what you will pay for the policy depending on the model and the machine you choose.

Taking into account the insurance of the motorcycle before buying can save you more than 1,000 euros during its useful life. Calculate here the motorcycle insurance you are looking for

In addition to insurance, you should also think about the taxes you will pay when you buy the motorcycle and what your maintenance will cost you.

Forget what you want the real bike for

If you want a motorbike for a city, maybe you should not opt for a sports bike. Similarly, if you are going to travel by your bike, a trail may be fine, but maybe not a naked or certain type of custom bikes.

Another classic mistake when buying a motorcycle is not to think about how you will use it. Pause a few minutes to reflect on what you really do with your bike and not what you would like to do before opening the wallet.

Do not notice if the accessories are approved

This failure is restricted when buying a second-hand motorcycle. Before closing the operation you should make sure that all the accessories of the vehicle are homologated. Otherwise, you could have problems to overcome the ITV or even with your insurer in case you have a loss and not report that non-original accessory. You might also read:

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