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How to extend the life of a diesel engine?

Diesel engines are always more sophisticated, so it is harder they get spoiled, even if it is more expensive to repair them. By the times that run, save on the repair and maintenance of the car and extend its life is wise. To do this, we give you very useful and economical advice: you just need a little time and patience. Here’s how to extend the life of a diesel engine.diesel engine

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First of all, do not forget to follow at all times the maintenance plan specified by the manufacturer in the maintenance book. Make regular technical checks and pay attention to the oil and parts to be changed.

Do not stop the engine at once just after driving on the highway or on a mountain road. It is necessary to wait at least one minute because the hot oil in the turbine can get burned and you can break the turbo.diesel engine

It is highly recommended to use the reserve as little as possible. Always try to fill the tank when the indicator indicates that it remains a full quarter, as in the case of diesel fuel impurities accumulate at the bottom and can pass into the fuel system, spoiling it enormously.

If a tanker refills tanks at a service station, never take gasoline as dirt and moisture may leak. In any case, it is necessary to wait at least one hour after recharging.diesel engine

Periodically check the oil level. A very low level can seriously damage the motor, and an excessively high level can damage the pipes. To check it, it is necessary that the car is not in operation and that the engine is cold.

Before starting, wait 10 seconds for the engine to warm up. Thus, the oil pump has sufficient time to lubricate the entire engine.

Draining the fuel filter regularly is also very important. This prevents fuel moisture from affecting the injection system. When you bring the car to the checkpoint, ask for it to be purged.diesel engine

The fuel filter must be changed every 60,000 km. This will prevent impurities from entering the injection system and damage it.

Control the turns because, by running with the engine below 2000 rpm and accelerating without changing the speed, you can cause several problems in a short time. During combustion, more carbon particles are produced, which shortens the life of the catalyst EGR valve, further damaging the engine and causing wear and vibration.

Finally, you must avoid the use of biodiesel because it is damper than gas oil and can, therefore, cause problems in the injection system.

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For more information and to resolve any doubt, consult your usual mechanic or dealer.

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