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If you receive your salary by means of a bank card, you have the right to be deposited in the bank of your preference, this is called Payroll Portability.

Bank Why change?Take your pay

You have another bank closer: it is of little use that the bank where you receive your salary does not charge you commissions for withdrawing money at the teller or the counter if you do not have one nearby.

ATM Additional Services: There are banks whose ATMs allow you to perform more operations than other institutions, from buying air time, insurance, to paying taxes and tuition.

More competitive commissions: the difference between what you are charged one and another bank can be more than one hundred percent. (For basic payroll accounts, there is no fee charged by the issuing institution). commissions

If you want to change your bank, you must be clear that in the process there are two accounts involved:

The payer account: Payroll account that the company where you work opens to your name so that you receive your salary, pensions or any other payment made by your employer.

The receiving account: Account that you open in the bank of your preference, to which will be transferred the resources that deposit in your account of payroll.


Change you How to change?Take your pay

Check which option fits your situation:

  1. Consult with your employer if you can deposit your salary in the bank you want.

To do this, you must indicate the CLABE number (standardized bank code, they are a total of 18 digits) of an account that you already have so that you receive in it your salary and other benefits.

  1. If your employer does not have that possibility, you must go to any branch of the bank where you are paid and ask for a transfer request form. You must show an official identification, as well as one of the following documents related to the receiving account: the contract or the statement of account or the debit card.Take your pay

This application will be delivered at any bank branch, during the opening hours. You should be given a copy of this with the seal of the branch, the signature of the executive and the date of receipt, keep it in case you later need clarification.

Once the process is completed, the service must begin to work no later than ten business days after the next submission.

When your payroll account (payer) is operating under the portability scheme, your resources must be transferred on the same business day to the account you want (receiver), if the employer has deposited your salary before 3:00 pm, If you deposit after this time, your money will be available no later than the opening of the next business day.

Consider that in both options you will receive your money in a non-payroll account, which could simply not be having some benefits such as unlimited withdrawals at the teller or at the ATM. You can likely most this article.

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