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How to delete the travel history of Uber?

How to delete ride history uber?

In recent times, we have witnessed the appearance on the market of a huge number of applications that have been specially developed to completely change the lives of users. Among which we can mention those related to collaborative and related transports. Of course, there is a huge number of them, but few have had the enormous impact of Uber, which beyond interminable controversies, is already working in several major cities around the world. Here, we are going to show how to delete ride history uber. 

Indeed, surely many of our readers have paid in recent times to travel in Uber, which tend to be much cheaper and less enjoyable than a taxi or regular transport, but certainly also have some points against which we should consider. Many customers complain, for example, that the Uber application retains personal and confidential information, in the form of a history of the trips we make, which in certain circumstances could bring us some inconvenience. Keep reading: 5 WAYS TO BOOK A HOTEL ROOM AT A GOOD PRICE

How to delete ride history uber?How to delete the travel history of Uber?

Well, if you did not know that Uber kept some of the information of the users, you have to know that the application has been developed in such a way that the compilation of all the locations through which we have moved in their cars is reserved. Something that many will find intrusive. In the same way, Uber collects information from the credit card and travel history. In particular, the only thing we can eliminate if we want to have a little privacy when using this application.

As we said before, the fact that an application as massive as Uber retains information from users is something that causes many chills, and that’s why we wanted to teach one of the few tutorials that exist about it. In any case, you have to know that in any way, the people of Uber assures that they do not disclose any personal information of the users, although we know that in these situations it is somewhat difficult to trust the big companies.

How to delete the travel history of Uber?

Anyway, you may still want to delete ride history uber. You have to know that there is a unique way to do it, which is the same as it works with any other application. Eliminating the cache of the app retains in our smartphone with all the information about it. In effect, we find that if we go to the application manager of our mobile. We delete the Uber cache, we can eliminate all trips made, although we will also eliminate the personalization that we have determined, so you better be careful.

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