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build personal relationship

How to build personal relationship without attachment?

Is your relationship a battle that you have to face every day? Have you stopped to think how healthy is the personal relationship you build? How present are the attachment and jealousy in them?

These keys will help you evaluate your meeting with others and establish healthier links. Changing your life is your task. So, do not wait to stop along the way. Continue reading: 10 HEALTHY AND EASY TIPS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE

How to build personal relationships without attachment?

build personal relationship

If you suffer more in a relationship than what you enjoy and even then you are not able to finish it when you check messages and information of your partner in social networks, email or wallet looking for signs of infidelity? When you feel lost when you are alone and you do not have peace if your partner does not accompany you anywhere if you always put your partner first before your own well-being. If you suffer physical or verbal abuse if you cannot bear your partner to leave without you to have fun with friends. You think that no one else is going to love you in case they end. All these factors are alarms that tell you that your relationship is based more on attachment than on love.

The situation can arise from both you and your partner, both of them. It is time to take action on the matter and improve if they are projecting into the future.

It will not be easy, of course, but you can start with small actions that transform the vision you have for yourself and your personal relationships.

Differences between love and attachment

build personal relationship

Love and attachment are two different issues. Although the sensation that they can generate is the same (the well-known butterflies in the stomach, anxiety to see and share with the other person, constantly think about what they are doing, desire, feel that you can almost float), there are important differences in the background.

When there is attachment, the other person becomes a unique source of affection, happiness is sought and found alone in it. There is no balance between self-esteem and love for the other.

6 keys to building a successful personal relationship

Your social circle can do everything: Strengthen relationships with your family and friends. Having contact with other people different from your partner is a remedy against attachment. Defend your spaces with respect if your partner is possessive and appreciates that the other wants to share with others.

Get in touch with your essence: Who you are, what you feel, what you want for your life. Only you can answer those questions. Establish a direct relationship with your mind, your body, your spiritual part, your essence. Being calm is essential to building personal relationships without attachment. Meditate, pray, spend time in silence, and visit a psychologist or counselor.

Goodbye to jealousy: Think if you really have reasons to be jealous. If so, talk to your partner. If not, breathe deeply and trust. Ask yourself about the commitment that both you and the other have for the relationship. Is it worth sacrificing your well-being for it? Change the jealousy for the dialogue. Transform attachment to love and build happiness for you and for you.

build personal relationship

Invest in yourself: Dedicate time to your projects. Think about your dreams and goals: study, exercise, write, go for a walk just to reflect, spend time in your home, cook for yourself, make yourself a relaxation session, and be silent. Fill your life with love so that you attract all the love present in the world.

It’s time to forgive or let go: If something hurts you if you have wounds to heal, do not you think it’s better to give way to forgiveness? Only when the pain is released can one move towards learning and living fully. Letting go is also healthy and, sometimes, necessary.

Reprogram yourself neurologically: Do not tell me I cannot, I’m not important, I’m dumb, I’m not pretty. Trust in your skills, in your smile and your being. Look in the mirror, think what you can improve and act. Build a personal relationship by loving the word and think positively.

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