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What different types of roofs are there

When it comes to deciding what kind of roof to have on your home or other building, there are lots of choices out there. One thing that you will need to make sure you have regardless of the roof you choose is Roof sealant. This sealant helps to ensure that your roofing structure is watertight and able to withstand the winds and rain that it will be subjected to over the years.

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Here are some styles of roof that you might be considering.

Gable roof – this is the kind of look that creates a triangle when the two sides of the roof are connected together at the top. It is one of the easiest roof styles to build as well as being good for removing water. It can be used on almost all building types.

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Hip roof – this style of roof has four sides, with the fourth side sometimes being the edge of a building if the roof is being placed on an extension or outbuilding. It is a nice design but much harder to install. It holds up well under extreme weather but is less efficient at providing ventilation.

Flat roof – this name can be a tad misleading as no roofs are truly flat. But the slope on these kinds of roofs is minimal and so gives the appearance of a flat design. They are popular choices for single-storey extensions.

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