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Changing a Desert planet

Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is one of the most beloved science fiction series ever written. It is the tale of two warring houses, the unpleasant Harkonnens and the noble Atreides. The Emperor of the universe is nervous about the situation. He’s been told that the son of Duke Leto Atreides is something special, and he should be gotten rid of. He decides that he should get the Atreides to run the desert planet of Arrakis or Dune. This will let the Harkonnens attack their enemies. The Emperor even sends in his crack troops, the Sardaukar, to help.

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Dune is just that, a desert planet. Even a Contaminated Land Remediation service like would struggle to fix it. The only safe place to live is at the North and South Poles. A rock wall defends the city and palace from the dreaded giant worms that roam the planet, attacking anything that tries to take the spice from the sand, essential for space travel.

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However, there are people living in the deserts amongst the rocks. They are the Fremen. They are using the strong winds that blow on Arrakis through the rocks to create moisture. This moisture is dripping into large tanks. It might take centuries, but the Fremen will use this water to eventually make the planet Dune green.  This will mean an end to the spice, and getting around the universe becomes particularly difficult, if not impossible.

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