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  • The ZTE ZXV10 B860H is the bet of Chinese manufacturer in the world of set-top-box Android 4K
The ZTE zxv10

The ZTE ZXV10 B860H is the bet of Chinese manufacturer in the world of set-top-box Android 4K

A few days ago we told you what was the Xiaomi bet on in the world of Set-Top-Box now time to talk about ZTE. The Chinese company has seen a good reef in this market, some gadgets that can turn any smart TV market, always yes, it is compatible.

So the company is preparing to launch 4K TV tuner with Android, you can see the light at the Broadband World Forum in London. For now there are too many details, but we know that this Set-Top-Box will use Android’s own TV applications and is compatible with standard high – definition TV.

The ZTE zxv10
Image Source: Google Image

ZTE tuner by the name of ZTE ZXV10 B860H and comes ready to use applications compatible with Android TV and can be used in all types of TVs that have the necessary requirements.

To encourage the operation inside we will find a Amlogic 64 – bit processor quad core with which from ZTE pose to support the use of high – definition, not only in Full HD, but 2K at 60 fps and the increasingly fashionable UHD (Ultra High Definition), also called 4K. It is also compatible with HDR HDR10 and HLG, the biggest advance we can find in regard to image quality standards right now.

Processor 64-bit amlogic
Storage 8GB eMMC storage
HDMI input 1 HDMI 2.0 port
USB Port 1 USB 2.0 port
supported resolution Resolution up to 4K (2K at 60 fps) and support HDR
OS TV Android 6.0
connections Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11ac

These features are complemented by a flash memory of 8 GB and 2 GB of RAM, using connections for HDMI 2.0 port, Wi-Fi compatible with the 802.11ac standard Ethernet, plus Bluetooth 4.1 and.

How expected will use the operating system Android TV and includes interesting options such as multi-screen, high quality video calls or voice assistant with which to make use of the devices.

Price and Availability

For now other details, whether those relating to price or markets that will come and release date are unknown. A new device that comes ready to compete in an increasingly competitive market in which together with devices such as the above there are other interesting bets like Google Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV fourth generation.

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