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Why you need to service your boiler

Having your boiler serviced once a year might seem like an unnecessary expense and a job that gets put on the backburner but is it really important to get your boiler checked regularly? Here we look at the reasons why regular boiler maintenance could actually save you money and keep you safe.

  1. Having your boiler serviced will give you peace of mind that all is working safely and efficiently.
  2. If your boiler is not working efficiently, it could be costing you a lot more to heat your home than it would otherwise.
  3. An appliance that is not properly checked could be emitting harmful levels of carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal. Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, nausea, dizziness and loss of consciousness. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home is always advisable.
  4. Small problems or minor faults can be identified early enough to save you from having expensive major repairs at a later date. For Boiler repair in Surrey, visit

What will an engineer do?

  1. Clean out the oil burner
  2. Strip down and clean the heat exchanger
  3. Identify problems before they become major
  4. Fix a new filter and nozzle if required
  5. Inspect the condition of the oil tank
  6. Re-assemble and run tests for you

When should I have it serviced?

It’s best to have your boiler checked before winter hits. The start of autumn is a good time as your system has been sat idle during the summer. Around the time you want to fire it up again could be when problems occur. You’ll want it looked at and sorted before winter as nobody wants to be without hot water or heating during the coldest months of the year.

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The importance of efficiency

An annual service will ensure that your boiler is running as well as it can. You could be wasting good money by running an inefficient boiler system. Most modern boilers are highly efficient but any device can develop a minor fault which effects its performance. The recommendation is to have your boiler serviced every year but if you notice any problems in between then always call a registered Gas Safety engineer.

Extra Measures

There are other steps that can be taken to ensure your boiler stays healthy and efficient. When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s a good idea to insulate your pipes. This can help prevent your boiler’s condensate pipes from freezing and leading to boiler breakdown.

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Taking some time to familiarise yourself with your boiler will also help you to notice when something isn’t right. It might not be a scintillating read but having a look through your boiler’s manual is advisable. You don’t need to know how to fix it but it might enable you to carry out small repairs such as re-pressurising the water level.

Keeping an eye on the central heating system will also help your boiler. If a radiator is playing up, it’s recommended that you bleed it to remove any trapped air in the system. Prevent your pipes from clogging up by turning on your heating a couple of times during the summer months, to keep things running efficiently.

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