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What should the role of the receptionist be?

We all need our frontline troops. Those people who are the ditch diggers and the doers, the first thing you see and the last as you leave. In the office environment those people are the receptionists. What a special breed they are the receptionists. But, what exactly should their role be? One thing that you should have in place is a decent set of Reception Chairs for them and your visitors to sit on. How lucky it is that there are companies like around to ensure that if nothing else goes right in your office the reception area and the receptionist in it will be totally on point. It can be the difference between getting a new account and losing it.

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We all know the stereotype of the receptionist. Any of us coming into a leisure centre into the 1980’s will well remember the crop of harradins that used to populate the entry booth. If you dared asked for change for a locker you were probably going to feel the full wrath of being told no very firmly and if ever there was a physical definition of passive aggressive these people seemed to embody it.  Our other stereotype seems to come from a long line of British comedies that seemed to portray the receptionist as a ditzy type of employee who was there for the main characters to hit on, and then be subsequently rebuked, for most of the film.

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However in our more enlightened time we have come to see the receptionists and much more positive light/ As we have mentioned before, the receptionist and reception area are the first things that potential customers and visitors see when they come to your place of worker. Therefore it stands to reason that if the reception area and the receptionist are poor then they will not get a good first impression. That charming smile and winning personality at the end of the visit is also very important.

So a receptionist must be well presented, friendly, helpful, firm if need be and informative with a high degree of attentiveness. They also need to be a little bit handy in the catering department as everyone appreciates a nice cup of tea or coffee now and again plus if they can bake then so much the better. It they bring in some cupcakes every Friday then you’ll now you’ve got a winner.

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