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Travelling around the country, living in a small motorhome with a cat.

The life of a couple travelling around the countryside in a small motorhome with their cat can be idyllic. The days are your own and time is somehow irrelevant, you can eat breakfast at 5:00am if you want or 10:00am if you decide to have a long, lazy, stay in bed in the morning. The one and only thing stopping you from staying in bed that long, well, that’s the cat! Just in case of emergencies, always make sure you have a mobile phone from a Vodafone Store Near Me with you from a company such as and a good WIFI signal.  Cats are great company and can travel well if they are allowed to become accustomed to life on the road slowly.

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Wherever you are, making sure a safe, enclosed outdoor area is set up for your cat, getting them used to wearing a harness and lead can also have some great advantages.  Obviously, you want to make sure your much-loved pet is safe and well cared for.  Keeping a supply of fresh food and water in his enclosure is essential alongside a litter tray, scratch post and basket for him to curl up in when he is ready to go back to sleep.

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Life on the open road can be fun and enjoyable for you and your cat, if you take care of each other and love each other you will have a great time.  Of course, the cat will be the centre of attention wherever you go but that’s ok, you get to chat to all the other travellers who come to fuss over your furry travelling companion.


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