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What are the responsibilities of a transport manager?

Most logistics companies, or those involved in transporting goods and supplies locally, nationally or internationally, will need a transport manager, someone to make sure that their product is delivered on time and to the right location. Beyond this, though, what are the responsibilities or a transport manager and what skills and experience are needed to carry out the role?

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Day to day responsibilities

As a transport manager, you’ll have several responsibilities that are core to doing your job and which you can expect to do every day. They include:

– planning the routes drivers will take, making changes to respond to issues such as road works or accidents that might cause delays
– maintaining contact with drivers throughout their journey to make sure everything is going to plan

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– contacting customers to resolve problems or let them know of delays in deliveries
– managing a team of drivers and potentially administrative staff, including their continuous professional development and performance
– arranging for vehicle repairs, including getting quotes and replacement vehicles
– making sure drivers have the correct HGV insurance, such as that offered by
– checking paperwork for transporting goods meets UK, EU and international regulations, including emissions, shift lengths, and working with hazardous materials or animals.

Skills and experience

Most transport managers begin their careers as drivers or in other roles within a logistics team, an operator or administrator, for example, providing them with the understanding of the industry they need to successfully carry out their role. They’ll also need to evidence people and project management skills, and an ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines. A degree in a relevant field would also be useful – supply chain management, for example, transport management, business management or logistics.

Job searches

Most transport manager roles are advertised on company websites and job search sites such as Indeed, which allows you to set up alerts, so you’ll be notified of suitable jobs as soon as they are posted. Make sure you check you meet the company’s requirements before you apply as job search sites often provide only brief descriptions. Another option is sending your CV to your target companies, which might just get you in ahead of other applicants or talking to someone who already works in the industry to get a referral.

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