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Rats in the garage are a big problem

If you suspect you have rats in your garage, you won’t be very happy about it. There are not the monsters they are usually made out to be and can actually be timid and not dream of entering your house. It’s not ideal to have them around though, and if your garden is full of lots of foliage or you have a garage full of stuff, you’ll want to know how to discourage them.

If you have seen just one rat, you can guarantee you have more. Signs include droppings, chewed plastic, wood or material and cables that have been chewed. So why have they taken up residence in your garage?

Food – like any other creature, if there is a food source nearby, they will be attracted to it. They are not fussy eaters and will chow down on almost anything that’s edible. If you have berries or fruit trees in your garden or any food stored in your garage, you are a magnet for these furry beasts.

Water – if you have leaky pipes or any other standing water in your garage, rats could be using as a handy watering hole.

Clutter – if it’s been a while since you had a good clear out, the rats will thank you for this. They love clutter as it provides them with shelter and warmth and lots of hiding places. If you think you have rats or mice, the best thing you can do is have a thorough declutter with Swansea Skip Hire. further information on Swansea Skip Hire can be found at

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Further signs that you have a rodent problem include:

Grease stains – mouse and rat fur can leave grey oil marks on walls, skirting boards and floors.

Noises at night – they might be small, but they don’t keep the noise down at night. Their scratches and squeaks can be heard in walls, lofts, ceilings and cellars.

Nests – if you find a clump of ripped materials such as furniture stuffing, fabric, shredded paper or any other soft items, you’ll most likely have found a nest.

Droppings – an individual mouse can create as many as 100 droppings a day. Rats poop less but their droppings are bigger.

Strong smell – you’ll notice a strong smell of urine if you have rodents in your garage. The overpowering smell might be your first indication that you have an infestation.

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