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Portrait Oil Paintings – A Gift for All Occasions

Portrait oil paintings can be a very special gift for someone you hold dear. It is an ideal gift for birthdays, graduations and the likes. Now, if you think that giving portrait oil paintings will give away the essence of the gift, think again. Portrait oil paintings no longer require the object to model for the artist, but the paintings could be done through photographs. The portrait does not necessarily have to be the receiver of the present but it could be his or her child, favourite photo or pet.Customized portrait paintings are the perfect gift for a special person.

Portrait oil painting is one way to bring pictures back to life. Skilled and Professional artist could transform old or new digital photos into wonderfully made oil paintings within days. The possibilities of transforming digitally printed photos into oil painted portraits are limitless.

You can bring copies of the photos you want to have painted to a professional artist and then pitch in a few additional instructions as to how you what the portrait and the framing to be done. The artist would usually have a sample of his works lying about his shop. Look at these samples for reference to his skills.

A portrait done by a professional artist has the ability to capture the eye and intrigue the viewer. Oil painting portraits also seem to look alive. The portraits express a certain emotion that any observer would try to understand. They are great for gifts and as decorations for the home.

Portrait oil paintings are timeless, thus the giver of the portraits will always be remembered. Oil paintings have also been known to survive for centuries. One should expect portrait oil paintings to be hanged on walls of the house where many people can see them.


The key to make your loved one appreciate your gift is by choosing the right photograph to be transformed. The photograph must be one that is special to your loved one. The details of the portrait should complement the personality of your loved one or the design of his or her home.

The photograph that will serve as the basis of the portrait should be clear and undamaged. If the object of the portrait is the receiver of the gift, you should ensure that the details such as facial features are of the right shapes and sizes. The portrait should look exactly like your loved one.

Time is essential. In general, oil paintings are hard to make and they take some time to dry up. Make sure that the artist will have enough time to make the portrait. Portrait oil paintings made in a rush are of low quality and would eventually crack. The artist would not have enough time to polish minor details in the portrait.

Oil paintings would last a life time and they would be cherished for a life time. They could even be passed on from generation to generation. They are the perfect customized gift for any occasion.

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