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LTE Filters: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) spectrum is a faster network technology and offers high-speed connections. Although there are technical differences, the terms 4G and LTE are used interchangeably by many people to describe network services that offer voice and data. The problem is that although this technology is beneficial, it can cause havoc with TV signals.

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What Is an LTE Filter?

An LTE filter stops this unwanted signal interference, as radio signals outside of the TV band for broadcast are blocked. They remedy the problems that occur when LTE signals on frequencies that are nearby affect your picture. These signals can be strong and can significantly affect the quality of what’s on-screen. They can even make some TV channels impossible to access. Interference can lead to sound problems, ‘blocky’ images, a blank screen or just the message ‘No Signal’.

Nearby phone masts that transmit LTE signals can interfere with analogue and terrestrial digital TV channels and may even cause issues with a Sky Digital amplifier or Freeview box. In 2012 Ofcom estimated that about 760,000 homes could be affected by the advent of this technology. Some 4G services use the 800MHz spectrum band, which is close to the frequencies used by some Freeview services. A simple-to-fit signal filter will often be enough to restore these systems to full strength.

Won’t a Filter Reduce My Phone Signal?

An advantage of these simple filters is that they don’t affect the LTE reception that nearby phones and tablets receive. The filter only affects those signals that occur between the television and the antenna, and it sits in line with the antenna cable. There may also be the option to fit a TV antenna with an LTE filter built in.

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Companies such as the Bristol TV aerial installation firm offer advice for people who are concerned that they may need a filter.

There are not many LTE filters currently on the market. It is likely that the demand for these will increase. Interference from LTE signals may become more of a problem in the future due to more phone towers being built and also because more and more LTE-based gadgets are entering our households.

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