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Hide the contents of messages on your lock screen

Your iPhone’s default is to see who has sent you a message, plus (part of) the content of the message. This is very handy if you want to quickly see what’s going on, but on the other hand, it is also very privacy sensitive. How can you hide the content of messages on your lock screen?

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If you do not like prying eyes, you probably already have a password set on your iPhone. If not, go on your iPhone to Settings Touch ID and password and press Set code. Then you can choose the access code setting when you will be asked for this code and what should be done if the code is entered incorrectly several times. Also, read How to disable Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad?


Sometimes you even get to make people who are so curious that they keep you locked phone in the eye while he just left unattended or just let lie beside you on your desk. Or maybe you ever give your iPhone to someone else to watch a movie or try out a game, or maybe look at it on the bus someone over your shoulder.

Either way, you probably do not want everyone that you may or may not locked phone will face just to see what’s in the messages state that you receive. Fortunately, there are some things you can do.


If you sit in a meeting and do not want everyone to see that you get messages, you can, of course, turn off the sound of your phone and put it on vibrate. But often this is more than a simple sound and the content is still just visible. Of course, this gives no good if your phone is in your pocket, but often people have their phone lying on their desks or are they riding in the back. And one can then watch and see what happens.

You can, of course, your phone with the screen to lay down on the table, but it often looks a little suspicious, as if trying to hide something, and very subtle it is not. In addition, you do not immediately see whether you have or not receive a message, and you must (if the sound is turned off) always check whether you have a new message.


Instead, you can be in the settings to ensure that the content (text and images) of the messages you receive is not visible from the lock screen or notification itself. You see only that a new message is – not what it says.

To do this, you must go to Settings Notifications to go. Here you can choose whether notifications should be displayed and if so how. Scroll down and press the Messages app. Press the switch to On entry screen to turn off the option. Henceforth, the content of your messages will not be displayed on the lock screen or notifications. Well, you can see the type of message.

In the in Hope so this article will help to us for Hiding the contents of messages on your lock screen settings.

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