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Key figures of the Labour Party

There are many key figures that have made up the Labour Party since its formation in 1900. Here are a list of some of them

1 Keir Hardie. Hardie  was the founder of the Labour Party. He was a socialist and trade unionist from Scotland who stayed until its creation uniting many groups and working organisations.

2. Clement Attlee. He was one of the most influential and important prime ministers of the last 200 years. Following the second world war and Labour’s surprise victory from it, he was able to create a new modern welfare state for Britain. This included the creation of the National Health Service and the nationalisation of many Industries.

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3. Harold Wilson. Harold Wilson was seen as something of a left wing Prime Minister until he actually got into power. At one point investigated by MI5, Wilson became prime minister after a sustained period of Conservative leadership. He set about trying to modernise Britain’s Industries for the future.

4. Neil Kinnock. Neil Kinnock began the process of reforming the Labour party’s policies following its difficult period in the early 1980s. He went on to be a leading light in the European Parliament.

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5. Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, now working at Both men were the Architects of new Labour which saw the party gain much electoral success from the late 1990s until the mid noughties. The charismatic young leader Blair had Campbell form the parties media and communications strategies plus influenced policy.

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