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Happy Feet

Do you suffer from painful feet? Are you thoroughly relieved at the end of the day when you can go home and kick those shoes off? Our feet are so important and provide such a tough service that we really need to show them a little love and attention from time to time. Here are some ways to treat your feet:

It’s important to use the whole of the sole of the foot when you’re standing. Most of us have many bad habits and this can include rolling onto the sides of our feet when we have to stand for any length of time. Imagine you are standing on a triangle. The points of the triangle are under your big toe, little toe and the middle of your heel. Try to ensure all points are touching the ground.

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Choosing the right shoes for your feet cannot be overestimated. You could be doing untold damage to your precious feet by wearing badly fitting footwear. A Podiatrist Cheltenham would certainly agree.

When cutting your toenails, be sure to cut them straight across and not into the corners or you could be laying the foundation for painful ingrown toenails. If you’re left with sharp edges from cutting straight, then file those down with an emery board instead of cutting. When you need a Podiatrist Cheltenham, visit Pro Podiatry.

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Every part of our body needs a well-earned rest occasionally and feet are no exception. After a long day, enjoy some foot relaxation. Treat them to a soak and scrub, followed by some moisturisation. Or lie on your back and walk your feet up the wall – this exercise moves blood away from the feet, making them feel light as a feather.

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