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Hazards of working on a construction site

A construction site is defined as any place where a building is undergoing repair or being built. As you can imagine, this work requires the use of heavy machinery and large tools, working at height and exposure to hazardous materials. Construction sites can be dangerous environments and the industry has the most fatal injuries. The risks present depend on the work being carried out. Working with asbestos for example will present different challenges to those in working at height.


Around a quarter of all construction fatalities are from falls from height, making it the most common cause of death to construction workers.

As a result, training is required for all those who must work at height. This includes training on different equipment and surfaces, such as scaffolding, rooftops and ladders.

All height working must be risk-assessed and then have a plan drawn up for the safest methods of completing the job. The employee must be correctly trained and know safety procedures for working at height.

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Construction sites are hectic and always changing with many moving objects. These could include lifting equipment, diggers, cranes, supply vehicles and cement mixers all moving around on generally uneven surfaces. All workers must wear Personal Protection Equipment including high visibility clothing so they can be easily seen. For Mini Digger Hire Nottingham, go to

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Slips and Falls

These can occur anywhere but with the uneven terrain and amount of unused materials, trips and falls are a common hazard. Each year, thousands of workers are injured unnecessarily following a fall. These injuries can be prevented by ensuring areas of work, stairs and access routes are kept clear at all times.

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