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How To Take Care Of Yourself in 2021

Taking care of your body and mind is important. However, it can be difficult to understand some of the more recent developments in health and mental health care. Here’s what you need to know about the healthcare of today.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been demonized for decades, but modern studies have shown that it has some pretty potent advantages when used as a medicine rather than a drug. Marijuana, more specifically the chemical CBD, can help to combat pain and anxiety, for example. However, there seems to be an inverse relationship between CBD and THC, the psychoactive component of the drug.

That means that calling your local Chicago marijuana dispensary and asking some pointed questions is necessary in order to find the most potent medicine while prioritizing the psychoactive element. It’s also important to note that CBD isn’t only available as a smokable, and there are several edible versions of this chemical. Using this drug as a medicine doesn’t mean consuming a mind altering substance, but failing to account for that can put you in an uncomfortable, and potentially less effective, position.

Self Care

Self care entered the public lexicon very recently, and it’s not a well understood topic. What it doesn’t mean is that you can and should eat junk food as a coping mechanism. Maybe sometimes you do need a comfort food that shouldn’t be consumed regularly, but the problem is that it can sometimes become a regular act that detracts from your mental and physical well being. Self care is many things, the underlying theme being that these actions may or may not be enjoyable, but they will be helpful to your mental state during times of duress. It might be a bag of chips, but it can also be making a phone call that you’ve been dreading or prioritizing work.

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