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How to Save Your Charity Money

As charities are non-profit you will want to save as much of your money and donations on fighting for the cause you charity stands for. This can be difficult as running events, using transport and paying for resources all cost and these costs can add up to be quite expensive. Here are some ways you can save your charity money and cut costs besides using volunteers.


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  1. If you or your volunteers have to drive as part of the charity you will want to save on fuel. The best way to save on fuel expenditure is to make the most of Fuel Card Services. I highly recommend using Allstar Fuel Cards.
  2. Create an annual budget for your charity and stick to it. Divide the annual budget to make it monthly and even weekly if you want to make sure you are on track to meeting the budget.
  3. Find a volunteer who has experience in bookkeeping who can manage the charity’s finance, and keep a record of all the transactions.

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  1. Limit long-term funding on research projects. Research is important in order to help tackle whatever problem your charity is dedicated to; however, it can be expensive, and it can take a long time. Putting a limit on the funding may encourage people doing the research to work more efficiently and quickly but also it will prevent you from wasting money, and force you to look for alternative projects that may have more success.

Good luck with your charity and remember to stay focused on the cause you are fighting for.

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