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Protecting the pipework around your home

As technology has evolved over the years we have found better ways to have utilities channels to our homes and offices as well as removing our wastewater and products. This has enabled us to live in relative comfort, regardless of the weather conditions outside. In order to do this a variety of pipe networks are established under the ground and run into and out of our homes. This could be the pipes used to bring gas into our homes or the gutters and pipes that carry rainwater away from our homes and out into the sewer systems in the street.

Plumbing Pipes

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It is incredibly important that we make sure that all of these pipes are protected both in the building and outside. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Pipe protectors can help to prevent damage from occurring to your pipes through accidental knocks as well as providing support to the pipes in the event of strong winds and extreme weathers such as snow and freezing conditions. Pipe protectors from meterbox are a great place to start.

Main Types of Residential Plumbing Pipes

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Maintenance is another key way to protect your pipes. Make sure that you regularly check your rain gutters and downpipes for debris and leaves that can build up and cause blocks and clogs and can lead to damage to the inside of the pipe if left unmanaged.

Being aware of what products are safe to flush down your toilets and your sinks is another way to help the health of your pipes. Ensure that you never pour fat down the sink as this can combine together with food and hair to create a fatberg that can then clog in your system.

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