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How to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Safe

Safety is a key component of any business, and it is your job to establish protocols to ensure the protection of all of your customers, employees and vendors. Fire safety is often well-known and also one of the areas that can unknowingly be neglected. Make sure that you are prepared and aren’t missing any of these key safety measures in your commercial kitchen to ensure everyone is protected.


You should always have a backup plan for any precautionary measures. In the case of fires that burn swiftly, having proper sprinkler systems will be crucial. Make sure that your kitchen is fully equipped with the help of fire sprinkler contractors Hudson County, NJ to ensure you are ready in the case of an emergency.

Fire Extinguishers

While many kitchens, personal and commercial are equipped with fire extinguishers, it is important to always also have a backup. In the case that your primary source is used or if it is not maintained, you will be grateful that you had backups, should a fire ignite.

Emergency Preparedness Training

An important part of dealing with danger is having the proper emergency preparedness training. Having the tools, skills and practice to understand how to correctly and quickly address an issue can play a key role in being able to handle the situation. This also includes training for any youth around fire safety, as safety standards can vary significantly from adults.

Cleaning Schedule

An area of kitchen safety that often gets neglected is the cleaning schedule. When there is debris that builds up over time, it not only leaves you with an unclean kitchen, but it also can lead you to dangerous and precarious outcomes. Make sure that you are properly cleaning your space to ensure everyone’s security.

Fire safety in commercial kitchens can prove to be a more complex issue than many people assume. Make sure that you are doing your part to defend your employees and workplace from risks with the proper precautions so that everyone can remain safe.

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