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3 Tips to Remember When Moving

The big day has come! You are finally moving from your old house into a shiny new one. Before you get too excited and start throwing things into a box, stop and make a plan. If you remember these three tips when moving to a new home you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

1. Have the Right Packing supplies

There is more to packing supplies Lodi than just tape and boxes. If you have an assortment of items to move you will need an assortment of supplies. If you don’t use the correct tools you could be opening boxes of broken glasses and plates. Take the time to gather things like bubble wrap, moving blankets and furniture covers to make sure your beloved items arrive in one piece and scratch-free.

2. Don’t Bring it All

If you have lived somewhere for a long time you have probably secretly hoarded all kinds of random odds and ends. Do you have a drawer full of rubber bands or a box of recipe books you will use someday? You don’t need to bring every single thing you own. Instead, look and decide if the item has meaning to you or would be expensive to replace. If it doesn’t, then you can donate those items to friends and family. They will thank you and so will your back.

3. Get Help

Do you have any friends that owe you any favors? Moving is the time to cash in. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand if you feel like what you have to move is pretty straight forward. If you pay them with donuts or pizza they probably won’t complain too much. If there is an abundance of work or you have something complicated like a piano that is a good time to call in the professionals.

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