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Digital Radio Stakeholders’ Event celebrates improved coverage

The Digital Radio Stakeholders’ Event marked the launch of 435 new local and national DAB transmitters, which have transformed the availability of DAB throughout the UK.

The event held on 28th March at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in London, saw senior representatives from the major stakeholders involved, Robin Holmes of the BBC, Grae Allan of Bauer, Glyn Jones of Arqiva and Ian O’Neill of DCMS, press the giant green radio switch to celebrate the progress made.

Digital Radio Stakeholders’ Event celebrates improved coverage

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The plan

The plans were first announced in 2014, funded by the Government, BBC and local radio multiplex operators, and organised by Ofcom. The work is now almost complete, with over 200 DAB transmitters built, the last few remaining will be completed this summer


Ten million people have now been brought into local DAB coverage, with 1.5 million more people within BBC DAB networks. The expansion has also brought a further 7,000 kilometers of the British road network into local DAB station coverage, and 2,300 kilometers of road for BBC DAB stations. Local DAB stations have now expanded population coverage from 75% to 90% of British households, which is now comparable to FM services.

Digital Radio Stakeholders’ Event celebrates improved coverage2

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It’s good news for areas such as Gloucestershire and any Stroud TV aerial repair company such as Steve Unett Aerials, which will see coverage of between 70% and 99% in locations across the county.

Fourteen local new DAB multiplexes were launched over the past four years, now resulting in 53 DAB local multiplexes which broadcast 419 stations. Alongside this expansion, national coverage of BBC stations and commercial services has seen big changes. In total, 161 new transmitters on its national multiplex broadcast the nation’s 11 BBC stations to 97% of British households, and provide improved coverage for 13.6 million adults.

Transmitters have been launched to support the UK’s two commercial DAB networks, Sound Digital and Digital One. Sound Digital is a relatively new network, existing for just over a year, and was intended to cover 77% of British households carrying 19 stations, with Digital One expanded to serve 91% of UK households, carrying 13 stations.

During the event, Digital Radio UK revealed a new digital radio campaign which highlights to consumers that DAB coverage is now improved and expanded across national and local radio stations.

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