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How to Get More Gigs as a Musician

The biggest question musicians ask themselves that doesn’t go away is how they can get more gigs. More gigs mean more money which means the possibility for performing and making music for a living. This means that being employed and having to work another job isn’t a necessity which is great for spending more of your time focusing on your music and craft. If you are a musician desperate to know how you can get more gigs, read on.

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  1. The most effective way to get more gigs is to sign up with a music agency that can find the gigs for you. You can easily sign up to Encore, which will show you a list of gigs you can apply for in your area. There are agencies which you will have to audition for. The only downfall to working for an agency is that they will receive a percentage of the payment, whereas if you get the gig independently you will receive all of the money.

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  1. You could also try to find a private agent that promotes you and gets you gigs, but they will likely get an even higher percentage of the fee. However, if they are an experienced and well-connected agent you should be able to make a good amount of money and make some new connections yourself too.
  2. The next step is to make sure that you have a good website. This will help people find you, contact you, and is an opportunity to showcase what you offer. To get it done by a specialist in Web Design Cheltenham visit


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