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What clothes to wear in Wintertime

It’s coming up to January and the winter months are truly upon us. Christmas and New Year will soon have come and gone and there is very little to look forward to until Spring, unless you celebrate Burns Night on the 25th of January and Valentines Day on the 14th.  The days are short and the nights are dark, there is the usually mild, wet and windy weather to contend with along with the odd short cold snap. What’s the best way to dress up to deal with the bleak time?

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The clothes for this time of year are pretty good. For one thing you can make good use of merino wool sweaters women favour like the ones from These versatile and lightweight jumpers not only come in vivid colours, you’ll be wearing a bit of history and heritage too. The fisherwomen of the Isle of Aran knitted them for their menfolk as they braved the waves of the Atlantic to bring home a good catch. Women wore them too as they worked the land and watched the harbour hoping for their loved ones safe return.

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Coats too are a major part of this time of year. Due to the amount of things we have to carry around with us, make sure you get some with deep pockets and plenty of them. If you’re not a hat person it might be time to at least try a good beanie or knitted bobble hat. Most of a human’s heat escapes through the head so try and trap it the best you can.

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